The 4 rules of gun safety

*The 1st Law of Gun Safety - The Gun Is Always Loaded!

*The 2nd Law of Gun Safety - Never Point A Gun At Something You're Not Prepared To Destroy!

*The 3rd Law of Gun Safety - Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!

*The 4th Law of Gun Safety - Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IDPA practice 4-26-2011

My second IDPA practice was held at Sportsmans Inc. in Rock Hill, SC. I didn't have a chance to do any practice between the last practice and this one because of vacation, so I was pretty much in the same shape I was the last time.

Here is a photo of our first COF that we fired. There were 3 layers of targets and you are supposed to shoot from front to back using tactical priority. I shot this COF in 16.23 seconds and went down 4 points. Had 4 perfect targets, 1 where I went in the -1 area, and 1 where I went into the -3 area. Overall, it was a nice way to get started. Targets were roughly 10 yards to 15 yards. The next course of fire had something I had not had a chance to try before, shooting from retention.

Here is the photo of the 2nd course of fire. It was pretty much the same as the last COF with the exception that the first two rounds are shot from retention (basically shooting from the hip at about 6 feet distance. This one I shot in 14.85 seconds and went down 5 points. Three targets were down 0, two targets were down 1, and the last target I shot was down 3. Again, not too bad for a newb shooter like myself. I can deal with COF's like this. Started to feel good about this point until we got to the next COF, which again, had something I had never done before.

The 3rd course of fire had the targets split with 3 on each side. This COF however, we had to draw and shoot two rounds at each target on the left while advancing, after engaging those, we had to move to the right behind a line to simulate a barrier, and then engage the other 3 targets again while advancing. Whee! It was a fun COF, but wow did I blow it. Down 24 points with 1 failure to neutralize. Only had one perfect target. Missed one round on 3 targets to put me down 15 points. the rest were just as bad. Never having done fire on the move before, I asked about my movement. Seems like I did that pretty well according to the folks watching me. I did not come close to advancing past the barrier which would have been a procedural error, so it just looks like I need to practice it more (unfortunately, it looks like these practices are the only place where I can do it with live fire.

Last course of fire was another "Bill Drill" from 15 yards. Ran this is 5.16 seconds and went down 4 points. My last round was thrown way left and I called it almost as soon as I shot it. My first five rounds had a pretty good group, but a little low and left. Wound up with 4 shots in the circle, 1 just outside it, and the throw away shot.

Again, had a great time shooting with the folks from Central Carolinas Shooting Club and hope to become a member soon.

Thanks for reading! Shoot safe, shoot straight.

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