The 4 rules of gun safety

*The 1st Law of Gun Safety - The Gun Is Always Loaded!

*The 2nd Law of Gun Safety - Never Point A Gun At Something You're Not Prepared To Destroy!

*The 3rd Law of Gun Safety - Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!

*The 4th Law of Gun Safety - Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Basic Pistol Shooting Class 4/30/2011

Earlier on in my endeavors to become more proficient with my handguns, I signed up for a class on Basic Pistol Shooting and Maintenance. This class was given by a company named Shot Group ( I selected this because I received a coupon from Charlotte Half Off which knocked the price way down. Figured I'd give it a whirl and see how things went.

The class was instructed by Damien Ristaino, a certified NRA instructor in self protection, basic pistol handling, and NRA range safety officer. He introduced us to the NRA basic pistol shooting course and did a wonderful job of walking us through the different types of handguns, calibers, safety, shooting process, and maintenance. We spent several hours in the morning going through all of the class room instruction and about 2 hours on the range shooting. I started shooting the provided hand gun which for me was a Smith and Wesson M22A. I'm familiar with this gun as I have one myself, so it wasn't foreign to me at all. Seems it has the same idiosyncrasy as mine with the magazine sometimes not going all the way in.

We fired a lot of single shot and multiple shot using the 22's before I was allowed to use my IDPA weapon, my Smith and Wesson Military and Police 9mm. While we were shooting from a short distance (approximately 3 yards), I was making nice big holes in my target.

I would highly recommend anyone in the Greater Charlotte Metro area to take a look at Shot Group and their classes and am eagerly awaiting their Concealed Carry Class.

Many thanks to Damien for a great day at the range today.

That's all folks. Shoot safe, shoot straight!

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